Stay comfortable. Get your AC cleaned and checked this spring and your furnace cleaned and checked this fall.

$250 per year, plus get 15% off future HVAC service calls.*

Did you know HVAC systems require regular maintenance? This helps them last longer and prevent them from unexpectedly breaking when you need them most.

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What The Membership Includes


2 visits to your home per year (1 in the spring,
and 1 in the fall). To clean and check your HVAC
system (1 AC and 1 furnace).


AC inspection, refrigerant level check,
electrical and capacitor check, and filter
change in the spring.


Furnace clean and check for the filter, flame
sensor, ignitor, blower motor, inducer
motor/parts in the fall. Plus, we will check for
any gas or carbon monoxide leaks.


Tips for keeping your systems running properly
to save you time and money.

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Get ahead of sweating inside this summer
and join our HVAC Maintenance

*If you have more than 1 AC and 1 furnace,
each additional AC and furnace system
can be added to the membership for an
additional $150 per year.

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Disclaimer: The HVAC Maintenance Membership includes 2 clean and checks for 1 AC unit and 1 furnace for $250 per year. Additional AC and furnace systems not included. For every additional AC + Furnace system that you have, it will be an additional $125 per year. The additional systems will include the same clean and check services upon purchase of the additional $125 per system. When the HVAC Membership is purchased, you receive 15% off HVAC services for the systems covered by the membership purchase. 15% off services include HVAC services, and does not include other services from OC Property Solutions, including but not limited to mitigation, reconstruction, electric and plumbing.